Volunteers' Week 2018 - Ciaran's Story

05th June 2018

One of the reasons that I get so much enjoyment out of befriending is the conversation – particularly as my pal is such an old head on young shoulders. 

When Andrew heard the price for a slightly underwhelming lunch we’d had he started telling me all about the cost of the component parts and that a homemade lunch made more economic sense… He’s made it clear, as a creature of habit, that twice a month he just wants me to make him a ham baguette. Suits me!

With Andrew being wise beyond his years and me not having known many younger people I just talk to my pal like any other of my friends, though with a bit of a filter applied. I always try to be a good role model around Andrew, but I hope I can be forgiven for one mishap that had  electricity shooting up my arm when I leant on an electric fence to avoid a bog whilst visiting one of our favourite animal attractions. Judging by his reaction my misfortune was comedy gold, regardless of the outburst...

The discussions also include me fielding questions that an older mind couldn’t conceive:

Scene: Peterhead Prison Museum

Him: Ciaran, look at that barbed wire, a kid could cut themselves on that!

Me: Don’t think so mate, there are 30 foot fences on either side of it.

Him: What if the kid was a giant?

Me: .......

So basically, as much as we have enjoyed trampolining, meeting donkeys and cheering on Scotland against the Netherlands, the journey is often as much fun as the destination. That mix of auld-manny patter and limitless imagination for questions closes any gap you may expect there would be between a boy of 31 and an old man of 11.