Befriend a Child holds a 'Junk Modelling' Session

17th July 2018

On Tuesday 17thJuly, 12 children supported by Befriend a Child took part in a ‘Junk Modelling’ session at the charity’s office as part of the ongoing summer playscheme.

The playschemes, run alongside 1:1 befriending and mentoring services, provide fun activities for the children to enjoy and opportunities to make new friends over the school holidays. This year, the summer playscheme has been funded by one of the charity’s corporate supporters, Nexen. 

Jean Gordon, Head of Operational Support Services at Befriend a Child, said: “Our summer playscheme is important to our children as many of them do not have many opportunities to enjoy activities during the school break. Having fun is the main aim of the playsheme, but providing breakfast and lunch is also high on the agenda as some of the children miss out the meals due to financial constraints in the families during the holidays.”

The ‘Junk Modelling’ session was sponsored by One Stop Waste who generously donated carefully selected materials for the creation of arts and crafts. Craig Donoghue, Managing Director at One Stop Waste, said: “Being inspired the Trash Art Unicorn on Huntly Street, we sourced our site for discarded items that would spark the imagination of the children supported by Befriend a Child. With some plastic bottles, plastic trays and hula-hoops we were pleased to see that we don’t have to travel far to find our future great artists!

Working with Befriend a Child on their summer playscheme project has been truly positive experience for One Stop Waste. We feel really engaged with the great work they are doing, and we know every penny is being ploughed back into the local community where it is needed. We look forward to be an ongoing partner of Befriend a Child through the summer and can’t wait to it again in 2019!”

Jean Gordon, Head of Operational Support Services at Befriend a Child, also viewed the ‘Junk Modelling’ session highly educational for the children: “While the children on Befriend a Child’s summer playscheme had great fun making models, thanks to the kind donation of One Stop Waste, they also realised that things don’t have to be thrown away and can be used again.”