intandem Mentor Recruitment

15th November 2018

We are recruiting intandem mentors!

Purpose and Aims

We are recruiting our next group of volunteer mentors for our intandem mentoring programme! Could you make a positive difference to a young person’s life by sparing 2 hours each week?

intandem recruits volunteers to provide a trusted and fun role model for children and young people who are looked after at home (CSO – compulsory supervision order) through the provision of a regular mentoring relationship. You will meet weekly with your ‘mentee’ (a child or a young person aged between 8-14 years) for at least a year where the mentee will experience quality 1:1 time with a consistent, caring and reliable adult.

Through being a good listener, an empathic individual with a non-judgemental attitude, a positive mentoring relationship develops by doing activities that you can both enjoy. Initially this will happen in our home setting, the Hubb, where you will work towards exploring the local community through enjoying different activities. Meetings will take place on a weekly basis for 2 hours at a mutually convenient time to be decided between you and the young person you are matched with.

You will be trained, supported and guided by Sandra, our intandem Volunteer Coordinator.

To find out more and becoming an intandem mentor, please get in touch with Sandra by emailing today!