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What is Mentoring?

Mentoring is when a caring adult mentor builds up a friendship with a young person that’s built on trust and mutual respect. All intandem Mentors are trained volunteers.

What is an intandem Mentor? Mentor?

A mentor is a reliable person who is there for you. Your mentor is there just for you, to listen and to help when it comes to making decisions about your future and beyond. Most importantly they can help you with whatever you want. If you are having a bad day you can tall your mentor, if you would like to, as they are there to help you understand how you are feeling and may be able to help. Your mentor meets with you to help you find out what your talents are, to ensure you feel confident enough to achieve anything!

What happens next?

The intandem co-ordinator will meet with you to find out what you would like from a Mentor. They are responsible for matching you with someone who has similar interests and hobbies as you. Once they have found a mentor for you, they will be there for the initial meeting and provide ongoing support. If you are unsure about being involved or your meetings are not going as you would like then your intandem co-ordinator is there to help solve any issues.