‘The best part is when children come over at the end to say thanks and they have a bundle of crafts that we have made or go away having enjoyed a new experience with big smiles on their faces,’ - Beverly Angus, group activities volunteer.

Befriend a Child currently hosts 2 youth clubs in Aberdeen City with views for expansion in the next few years. Our weekly Youth Clubs are hosted by our trained Youth Club Leader in 2 areas of Northfield where the children engage in crafts, baking, games and skills building opportunities. The clubs are attended by our befriended and mentored children as well as children who are on our waiting list. Children from the local community can join us but as long as they meet the criteria set by the Organisation.

Our group activities aim to help the children we support learn new skills whilst forming new friendships with their peers and actively encouraging them to engage with their communities.

As well as seeking volunteers as part of our 1:1 programmes we also require volunteers to help support our group activities.

We have opportunities to volunteer at our:

  • Weekly youth clubs
  • Monthly children’s activity sessions
  • Halloween and Christmas parties

If you would like to help with chaperoning or hosting an activity for one of our group sessions please get in touch with the team via our contact form or by emailing [email protected]