How do the parents feel about their child being befriended

Before we accept any referral for a child/young person, the parents must be informed by the referral agent of who we are and what we do. A parental consent form must be signed before a referral is accepted by the Organisation. Parent/guardians are given the opportunity to ask the Befriending Support Worker at the home visit any questions and worries they may have regarding the befriending. We remain in contact with the parent/guardian as part of our monitoring and evaluation process to get feedback about the relationship and our service on a regular basis.

Can couples befriend?

Yes, we have a number of couples that befriend together, but please note that both parties are required to attend the interview and complete the disclosure checks.

Do I need experience with childcare to be a Befriender?

No experience is required, as full training and ongoing support is provided.

I’m a student and go home during holiday periods, can I still be a Befriender

Yes, of course you can, we have a number of student volunteers and procedures in place to deal with holiday periods.

Can I befriend if I don’t drive?

Yes, of course you can, there are many existing volunteers who don’t drive or have access to their own car and we take this into account when matching you with a child, to minimise travel.

When does the befriending take place?

This is up to you, we recommend a couple of hours once a fortnight and you can schedule the outings to fit your own diary. What is important, however, is that the volunteer is there for the child when they say they will be. This is the basis of the befriending relationship and helps build trust.

Am I too old to befriend?

No, you are never too old, we currently have a number of Befrienders in their 70's.